Why Homestead?

          Homesteading is living self-sufficient pertaining to agricultural products, such as garden-grown produce and raising animals. Most of us have that in our head. But sometimes we have to sit back; like on one of those rainy days that does the watering for us, and ask ourselves WHY. 

      Whether you do it for enjoyment, education, self-sufficiency, or as a way of income, you also have to keep in mind the word of preparedness. I have yet to touch on this subject, but it seems like this world is gripped with fear. As if it’s waiting for something catastrophic to happen. While many just refresh the news and hang on to youtube videos, there are those of us who are working hard to establish a homestead. Maybe its not the land we’re attached to, but the skill. We’ll know how to grow our own food instead of running to a grocery store. And who knows, maybe there will be NO access to a grocery store. 

    I’m not saying you need to have those ’emergency buckets’ containing high-protein food for a month sitting down in your basement, though, you can easily purchase them. I am saying we should value keeping our cupboards just a bit fuller with canned goods. Several decades ago, it wasn’t unusual for folks to keep back portions of summer gatherings, can them, and keep them for winter when conditions were bad, or when men weren’t able to work due to seasonal jobs. This slowed the increase of expenses and padded the conscience of the family.

     So next time you have a summer harvest or raise an animal for meat, make those pickles, can those peaches, and package meat to freeze. Rationing now will help with rations later.