The Debt Free Advantage

    In these times, money is a means of survival. We make enough to sustain another month, enjoy a bit of frivolity, and continue the ‘daily grind’. Most of us experience some sort of debt, whether from long term college bills, vehicles, personal loans, medical expenses, or home mortgage. Unfortunately, we treat these debts as if they are ‘normal’ in our life, giving us an underlying feeling of bondage.

     It’s true. 

     However, I recently have been studying Dave Ramsey’s key to success. He has multiple books on financial handling as well as entrepreneurship, and notedly, he has keyed the term ‘Entreleader’. He has been through the ups and downs in his earlier years, and is currently teaching and advising others how to handle their money wisely. You can visit his site for more information. My husband and I are going through his 7 Baby Steps to financial peace. Currently we are on step one, faithfully paying off our loans. Both of us had gone two years to college, which accounts for most of our debt. Even though I went to a more expensive school, I only went part time, trying to pay my second year with my own earnings. So I only have one year of loans to pay off. His is double. We have our debts listed smallest to largest and are working on paying them off in that order. We have paid off and destroyed credit cards (and celebrated after that!). It is a really good feeling. 

     This is important to everyone. We all desire to be free from financial burdens. Especially the homesteader, which many times will try to make something before going and buying it! So, next time you sit down with your finances, I’d recommend searching Dave Ramsey’s site and reading his material!