Oh The Wonders of Life

    Being aware of our own progression is nothing like being aware of another’s. As a mother, a woman will rejoice in hearing first words, witnessing first walks, and guiding as the child progresses grade to grade. As an entrepreneur, when the business takes off and suddenly he’s working with something bigger than himself. And that is the amazing thing about life; when it feels as if we are standing still in time while things are a whirlwind around us.

    And that’s how homesteading is. I’ve watched Daffy and Daisy eat their first bowl of layer crumbles, take their first swim in a basin of water, and cry at night for attention. I’ve had many wakeful nights as they began to grow, constantly drinking (or spilling) their water and notifying me promptly with high pitched chirps. It was heart warming to have them in the brooder inside. Occasionally I allowed them to scout my home.


    Now the house is quiet. No more smelly towels to take out in the morning. No more constant change of feed and water. No more peeping when I leave their side. They quickly matured into outside ducks. Isolation from David and Carmen was required for about two weeks. Then, with a little training, the four were introduced. Now, maybe I’m just the food and water supplier. Maybe I’m the one who intrudes on their personal space to clean their nostrils of feathers and clean up debris. Yet, I know I’m still ‘mom’ when I go to walk away and they all run over to the edge of the fence and quack until I completely disappear indoors. 

photo 4 (3)

    And its not just ducks. Its everything, from transforming your outdoor decor to plucking beans and cucumbers. I’m taken back in awe every time I witness something sprout and shoot up a practical inch daily. In some way, its like you’ve scored. You’ve earned a point. You can do it now, and for sure, you are able to do it later. 

photo 3 (3) 


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