Profitable Homemaker

     The man goes off to work, stays for many hours, and comes home to a house that may or may not look much different than when he first left. We stereotype this with the comment to the wife ‘what do you do all day?’.

      Actually, we do A LOT more than what you think! Did you notice the dust on the toilet? No? Well, thats cleaned up. I made three meals, washed the dishes, took care of the homestead, dusted the living room, washed the floors, folded laundry, and YOU ASK…”what do you do all day”?!

     DISCLAIMER: I am not talking about my husband here. He knows all of what I do, and he appreciates not having to do housework.

     Yet, in some ways, as women, we feel valueless. Like what we are doing isn’t enough. It’s an inner desire to help the man ‘bring in the dough’ and earn money. Maybe a little, maybe a large sum. Yet some women are bound to their home duties and children, not able to get a job outside of the house. That’s where our internet technology comes in. Anyone is able to sell anything online, such as through etsy, eBay, Amazon, or other seller feeds. 

    For example, I make a decent income through Ebay with my own account. I sell anything from discounted books on various subjects, to designer scarves and massage chairs. You can jump over to “our roadside shop” page as I will be updating it today with products and links I have on eBay. 



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