Top 5 Ways to get Second (or first) Hand Items for Super Cheap


    Some of these things are a give and take, depending on where you live. I chose the top 5 in my life. These proved to be most successful in supplying what I had need for. It may take a lot of patience and sometimes require frequent visits, but you’ll eventually find quite a bargain!

    #1 Second Hand Shops

              Goodwill is known by their extensive clothing sales. However, good crates, containers, and decorations can be found there for a low cost. Other stores like this can be found close to or even in town. Something like a ‘Reuzit’, or as I have pictured below, Parish Bargain shops by Melbourne Second Hand Shops. 


(credit given to retrieved from Pinterest

     #2 Yard Sales, Garage Sales, etc.

     This can be a long daunting task. Sometimes junk, sometimes treasure. I’ve found quite a few planters, kennels, fish tanks, and other cages to be at these places. I always like to have an open mind when going to these places, because things can often have more than just one use. Plastic cups can make great planters for small plants if you take a little time to drill or cut holes in the bottom of the cup. You do want to know some basic prices before going on this endeavor so you don’t get ripped off.


     #3 Antique Shops

      Although this might be a far cry from inexpensive, if you’re desperate to spruce up your garden space or home, the items behind the name can be quite crafty! We have antique shops lining our roads in my area, so the prices have been quite low due to competition.

     #4 Standing Rummage sales

     These are rare, but I’ve been blessed to have one of these very close to my house. A man has a little outside shop. Nothing fancy, but always has tools, bins, crates, etc. sitting outside and goes by an honesty policy. Drop the money in the bucket and those items are yours!

    #5 Reuse from what you bought

     Cereal boxes, meat containers, cans, and jars are all very resourceful, and are included in the price of your goods! So why not take advantage of that empty peanut butter jar? When my mom and dad order chinese, they always save the plastic containers that the chicken comes in, either for themselves or to give to me and my husband. I often use them for packing sandwiches in his lunch.



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